BDC Emerging Growth Award

Virtual Gurus

Virtual Gurus is a business resources and solutions company. They provide virtual workers for businesses that are looking for support on a task-based or project-based timeline.

Virtual workers are highly skilled professionals that have been recruited to provide business support in areas such as the real estate, finance, IT, legal, and medical sectors and others depending on the needs of clients. They have secured a standard and well – positioned office facility in downtown Calgary, Alberta, where they coordinate with virtual workers from all over North America.

This industry is comprised of individuals who work remotely as independent professionals, providing a wide range of services to clients such as small business owners to fortune 500 companies.

Virtual Gurus' is considered a part of the sharing economy, like ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft and home-sharing service Airbnb.

In the past year, Virtual Gurus have experienced 150% growth, they’ve expanded into the United States and most recently in Mexico, and are working on their own artificial intelligence – and are launching an app that will enable clients to order helpers for everyday tasks. So eventually if you need a bookkeeper one Friday out of the month or a person to walk your dog every day of the week, Virtual Gurus will provide you with those services.