BDC Emerging Growth Award


A leader in innovation and collaboration, TradeSpace Inc is one of a kind co-working space that provides custom storage, office solution, business address in Calgary. Designed specifically to address the unique needs of small businesses and independent contractors in the construction and manufacturing industries, our flexible combination of professional offices, ‘hot desk’, dedicated work stations, and warehouse storage space provides your business with room to grow without the overhead. TradeSpace was found since May 2018 by Jordan Tetreau and Daniel Delgado for other entrepreneurs, contractors, start-ups, independent businesses. Within the first year, we have outgrown our first warehouse location of 10,000 sq.ft. In February 2019, we moved in our new warehouse and constructed the new office sections to accommodate our members better. The new warehouse is four times larger with approximately 40,000 sq.ft. of space, our members grew from 3 to 46 members, our revenue experience a growth rate of more than 345%.