BDC Emerging Growth Award

Rumble Boxing Studio

Rumble Boxing is the industry leader of the "fight club meets night club" movement, We are a tribe and We Fight Together.

We bring a unique product to the city that meets an emotional need for Calgarians: the need to fight for their best selves, leaving stress behind and emerging more resilient than yesterday. We add vibrant energy to our street. We bring people together. We are creating a community.

In a dark night club setting with 36 heavy bags, Rumble provides an escape for people to immerse their energy into the beat of the music, focusing on physical and mental strength. Rumble classes bring the intensity with high-energy music, contrast lighting and a lead motivator who will push people to their ultimate limit.

Rumble is rapidly expanding and growing our team: one location within one year and a second location set for completion within the next nine months. Our team has more than doubled since opening our doors in November 2016. Our core offering continues to evolve and become stronger.