BDC Emerging Growth Award

Mulberry Maven

Mulberry Maven officially joined the YYC scene in January 2016. We are a small boutique décor company that specializes in event décor and planning services – focusing on custom floral design, modern calligraphy and event planning. Our goal is to create a sustainable business, with low overhead costs and finish each year debt free – after our first year, we have achieved this goal. With less pressure from expenses like store-front rent and other overhead costs, we have the luxury of taking on fewer clients a year and focus on building a relationship to get a better sense of their expectations, needs, communication style, goals and overall vision for the event. By providing décor in-house, we can ensure the style and theme is continuous and flows from our initial consultation to our final execution on the day of the event. We are a one-stop décor and planning shop and eliminate the need to deal with the stress of juggling several vendors at once. The planning and coordination is done by the same team that puts together the florals and completes the calligraphy for a seamless transition. We also want to keep our creative process open by providing the community with creative workshops in both calligraphy and basic floral design.