BDC Emerging Growth Award

Doodle Dogs Inc.

Doodle Dogs boutique and The Doodle Spa by Doodle Dogs is a locally-owned brother-sister founded pet brand and store born with the idea in mind that pet parents deserve the absolute best in quality customer service and products. We believe we are a strong candidate for this award again this year because we strive every day to be better, bigger, and different. We started out as 900 sq. ft., quickly grew into 1100 sq. ft., which turned into 2200 sq. ft., and now we are launching our second location at the end of the summer. On top on growing in the physical location spaces, we've also expanded our service offerings to provide an organic grooming spa for our clients, local food delivery and a strong e-commerce presence. We started with just two employees (the owners) and now have 10 and soon 15! Our social media platforms are organically-grown and show such a strong support from our followers and clients for our products and services. We now have over 10,000 followers over three platforms and continue to grow daily!