BDC Emerging Growth Award

Black Belt Jung's Taekwondo

Company Profile

Black Belt Jung’s Taekwondo is world class martial arts school operating in Mahogany, Calgary founded by leading Taekwondo instructor and former South Korean national champion and team member, Master Hyunmin Jung. Black Belt Jung’s Taekwondo provide classes and seminars in the art of Taekwondo and self-defence taught by top internationally trained instructors using ground breaking and innovative teaching methods and techniques. In addition to teaching practical self-defence and Olympic style sparring, its instructors teach ongoing self-improvement and life skills helping students of all levels from various different backgrounds gain increased focus, confidence, perseverance, and integrity to unlock their potential in body, mind, and spirit.

Black Belt Jung’s Taekwondo in Mahogany, Calgary opened in September 2017 with no student base. Within a year and a half, its business rapidly grew to approximately 380 students by word of mouth and reputation. Black Belt Jung’s Taekwondo is now one of the largest Taekwondo schools in Canada and continues to grow and expand bringing its style of Taekwondo to Alberta and the rest of Canada.