BDC Emerging Growth Award

Barre Belle Inc

Barre Belle is a chain of fitness boutique studios with three locations in Calgary. Within a little over a year, we’ve corporately grown from one location to three. We've grown from 2 employees to 38. We've re-invested all of our free cash flow into growing the business while maintaining a strong position and working capital . We've started setting up new revenue streams with an online fitness program for long term sustainability. We're excited about setting ourselves up on a global market as we know we have the ability to grow past our walls in Calgary.

Barre Belle takes the principals of dance training and makes it accessible for general fitness. We offer a variety of classes to create a full fitness package incorporating strength, cardio, and HIIT training. Barre Belle is more than just a fitness concept; it’s a shared experience and a community. For our clients, being there feels good. The Barre Belle approach changes the way our clients feel in body, mind, and spirit – which ultimately determines what your life feels like. We are changing lives in a positive way which is more reward than any.