ATB Small Business of the Year

William Joseph Communications

Fifteen years ago, we had a vision to create a marketing agency grounded in strategic thinking and praised for our creative genius. Even though we started with very humble beginnings our passion and desire for success was great. Over the years the company had good times and bad. We landed amazing accounts that trusted us to achieve their business, marketing and branding goals. Each big win propelled us to the next level. We weathered several recessions that left our client base scared to invest in marketing. We felt this on our bottom line. The one thing that never changed was our desire to have top tier talent on our team. Expertise and experience is a must but the passion for our industry, clients and our culture is paramount. But being true marketers we know the importance of standing out in the crowd. To be a success always be authentic to who you are but be confident enough to boldly tell your story. So here we are. Fifteen years later. Our clients have become our friends. Our community has become our support system.