ATB Small Business of the Year

Routine Inc.

Neige and Pippa, co-founders of routine, are formerly smelly sisters who needed an antidote to their own unfortunate natural musk. Searching for an effective deodorant, especially one that was clean and stylish was an unsavoury lifelong challenge. Being stinky but smart, they created some! The rou-team of routine inc. is responsible for manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and online selling a line of 19 natural deodorants and face oils (more products to come!) packaged sustainably. Most other natural deodorants in the market come in plastic containers and just. don’t. work! This wasting of resources frustrates customers, ultimately impacting the environment and their personal bank accounts, creating a general lack of trust within the industry. Routine has gained trust within the industry with a natural deodorant that ACTUALLY works, last 3-6 months, comes in a glass jar, and is now available in over 2,500 retail locations worldwide including North America, Europe and the Middle East. Routine has a commitment to supporting local, paying ethical living wages, and placing the environment at top priority. Routine was founded on the basis of offering confidence to individuals, without any nasty chemicals!