ATB Small Business of the Year

ROSSO Coffee Roasters

Rosso Coffee Roasters are a local coffee company priding themselves on providing high quality, specialty, freshly roasted coffee to our communities. Through their seven café locations, they have been able to root themselves in distinct neighbourhoods as they create a space that acts as an incubator for community developments.

Rosso Coffee is the right candidate for this award as they're a true Calgarian business. This year marks their tenth year and they've seen growth in nearly every facet of the business. They take great pride in the coffee they share and serve to the communities in Calgary. They travel to coffee producing countries to best understand the product and share the story of its production. Investing in coffee producing communities with the idea that year after year, Rooso Coffee Roasters will be able to increase the farmers quality of life while achieving a higher quality product. At the same time, the success of the business is all thanks to the clientele and their constant support. It’s through word of mouth that Rosso Coffee has successfully built their network.

Rosso Coffee's mission is to make specialty coffee accessible and understood for all Calgarians, through education, constant improvement, and hospitality.