ATB Small Business of the Year

Rockwood Custom Homes

Rockwood Custom Homes is an award-winning boutique custom home construction and renovation company that works closely with discerning clients to deliver exceptional results.

Rockwood offers a full suite of construction, architectural and interior design services and is very highly regarded in Calgary and beyond. More than just custom homes, however, Rockwood is creating beautiful, functional communities in the city of Calgary. In 2015, Rockwood also launched a new division, Rockwood Okanagan, offering its signature style of luxury custom building in the heart of the BC interior.

An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount across the entire organization with all Rockwood staff going above and beyond to deliver exceptional products and service. We build strong relationships with all of Rockwood’s clients—showing them how we really care about each one them is the cornerstone of the Rockwood culture.