ATB Small Business of the Year

GPI Outdoor Designs

GPI Outdoor Designs Inc. is company that is committed to providing safe outdoor play for people of all abilities.

We are masters of all things play. We pride ourselves in our quality, serviceability and FUN.

All children should have the opportunity to play and at GPI we feel we give everyone the chance to try.

From our Playturf Poured in Place Playground surfacing to our Eco-Tread Accessible Pathway system, we ensure everyone can access a play space and enjoy the outdoors.

We are the perfect candidate for this award because not only are we a locally owned small business who has been in Calgary for 25+ years, but we have grown the company from a staff of 8 to a staff of 24. We have diversified the company to fill the gaps in the industry where we saw the need for better quality and service.

The company also has a 50% Female ownership, which has created diversity within a very male-dominated construction industry.