ATB Small Business of the Year

G.E.M. Inc.

G.E.M. Inc. manufactures two Euroshield® product lines in both Shake and Slate profiles. Rundle Slate and Ranchlands Shake offer a thicker profile in a light weight design with a unique interlocking butt edge, providing greater resistance to uplift in extreme wind situations. Introduced in 2011, our Heritage Slate and Harvest/Beaumont Shake line offers the same level of performance and durability in a lower profile - lower cost version. . It’s ease of installation results in significant reduction of labour costs in comparison to other premium products. All products are covered by the same non-prorated lifetime warranty and all offer the same UL2218 Class 4 Listed impact rating, the best in the industry. Euroshield rubber roofing provides the best hail resistance available and an “industry first” 2” Hail Damage Warranty, while boasting exceptional aesthetic appeal. Our products are 95% derived from recycled materials, 70% of which is recycled crumb rubber from tires. In 2015, G.E.M. Inc. utilized 53% of all crumb rubber consumed by Alberta manufacturers from Alberta processors in the production of Euroshield roofs. We are committed to reducing, reusing and recycling in a positive manner.