Frequently Asked Questions (Awards)

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Who can apply for a Small Business Week Calgary award?

To be eligible for any of the Small Business Week Awards, applicants must:

  • currently be operating a business in Calgary for a minimum of 12 months as of April 2017;

  • have 100 full time paid employees or less;

  • not have won the award previously they are applying for.

There is no cost to apply and a business does not have to be a member of the Calgary Chamber to qualify or win.

When do applications and nominations close?

Nominations close at midnight on Friday, June 1, 2018.

Applications close at midnight on Friday, June 15, 2018.

Do I qualify if my business is not in Calgary?

Small businesses must have a regional or head office located in Calgary to qualify (this does not apply to the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award, where businesses must be located in Southern Alberta).

Can I use one application to apply for multiple awards?

No, each award category has different award-specific questions that need to be answered.

Do I have to apply for the award my company was nominated for? 

No, you can apply for any award you think you are a good fit for. 

I have applied in past years, can I still apply?

Yes, if you have not received an award for the category you are applying for we would love to have you apply again!

Do I need to be nominated to apply?

No, nominations are meant to bring awareness of the awards to deserving small businesses by happy customers or partners.

You are welcome to apply for any of the awards, even if you haven't been nominated for it.

Does this cost my anything?

Absolutely not. The Small Business Week Calgary Awards are open to all small businesses in Calgary whether you are a Chamber member or not. All the profile and recognition you receive as a finalist and/or winner comes free of charge without obligation.

My business is a franchise, can we apply?

Unfortunately no, franchised businesses do not qualify for a Small Business Award. 

I can't apply for the Hometown Hero Award, why not?

This award is like a lifetime achievement award for businesses and is chosen based on a committee decision. 


Nominations for the 2018 Small Business Calgary Awards closed June 1.

Can I nominate as many small businesses as I want?

Yes, please nominate any great Calgary-based small businesses you know about!

Does it help the company win if they get more than one nomination?

No, nominations are meant to bring awareness of the awards to deserving small businesses by happy customers or partners. They are not considered in the judging phase.