When do applications and nominations close?

Nominations close at midnight on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Applications close at midnight on Friday, June 1, 2018.

Do I qualify if the business is not in Calgary?

Small businesses must have a regional or head office located in Calgary to qualify (this does not apply to the Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award where businesses must be located in Southern Alberta).

Can I use one application to apply for multiple awards?

No, different award categories have different award specific questions that need to be answered. However, you can leave a simple note in the general fields to "see previous applications" and we will make sure to merge the applications.

I have applied in past years, can I still apply?

Yes, if you have not received an award for the category you are applying for we'd love to have you apply again!

Do I need to be nominated to apply?

No, nominations are meant to bring awareness of the awards to deserving small businesses by happy customers or partners.

Does this cost my anything?

Absolutely not.

Do I have to apply online?

No, you can apply offline with a traditional paper application. Please contact us at 403 750 0425 or SBWYYC@CalgaryChamber.com for a paper application. 

Apply Now!

Application deadline is 11:59 pm on Friday June 1! 

  • Presented to the Calgary small business that has demonstrated significant business achievement, has sustained growth with a pathway for future growth, and shows the potential to go on to become a true pillar of our city.
  • Presented to the new emerging small business that has shown rapid growth and profitability in its first 1-3 years of operations, and shows the potential for future growth and commercial success.
  • Presented to the Calgary small business that can demonstrate they have engaged the loyal support of their community, determined by public vote.
  • The company culture award is present to a company leading the way in employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Proving to be an industry leader in company culture, this business is innovative in the way it attracts and retains employees, demonstrat
  • Hometown Hero Award
    Unlike other Small Business Week Awards, the Hometown Hero award is award to a business who has grown to become a community staple, a household name. This business has been around for a while and has proven to be a champion throughout the city.
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Award is presented to the Calgary small business that has been a leader in finding ways of doing business while doing good for the large community and environment. These businesses truly look out for the triple bottom line – pe
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship Award
    Presented to a leading Indigenous small business, which through a strong business concept shows plans for future growth and viability over the long term.
  • Presented to the Calgary small business that is pushing conventional boundaries, and is disrupting and reshaping their industry through groundbreaking achievements in bringing innovation to market.